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China Traffic Safety Base Manufacturer | Rubber Traffic Safety Base

About us

Who We Are

Binzhou Pike Rubber co.,ltd. is a factory that specialize in making rubber  traffic safety products since 2016.


With years of focusing on traffic safety products developing and manufacturing, we pride ourselves on delivering full range of rubber products for traffic safety use. 


We are dedicating to producing rubber parking curbs and base for traffic cones, delineator posts, channelizers, barrels, drums and also supplying different plastic traffic cones, delineator posts, barrier meshs, plastic chains ,buntings and other traffic safety products etc.


We are cooperating with many world well-known customers including Traffix Devices inc., Traffic Safety Store ect.


When you work with Pike Rubber, please be rest assured that you can always get what we promised and more than you expectd.

Customers satisfaction is our motivation.


Why Us--Five Reasons to Work With Pike Rubber:


We are the first one to make traffic safety base and parking curbs by vulcanized rubber crumb technique.

Current rubber technics: waste tires=>rubber crumb=>mixing with chemicals=>compounding=>calendering=>vulcanizing=>pressing.

Pike's work: waste tires=>rubber crumb=>mixing=>vulcanizing+pressing.


This makes our producing cost 30% down at least compared with current rubber technics, but more durable, better outlook, this is completely a new species!


All our rubber products are easy to pass -30 Celsius temperature dropping test, that proves how durable rubber products we make!


Five years warranty of all our rubber products!


Six million pounds rubber products we sell a year to North American Markets!

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